Program Lead, Far-UVC

We offer a referral bonus of up to $3,000 for this position; see here for more details.

  • Project/division: Far-UVC
  • Start date: as soon as possible
  • Status: full-time SecureBio employee
  • Starting compensation: $120,000 to $160,000; we may make exceptions for outstanding candidates
  • Visa sponsorship available: Yes
  • Work location: In-person in Cambridge, MA
  • Reports to: SecureBio leadership (Prof. Kevin Esvelt & Dr. Ben Mueller)
  • Application deadline: July 31st, 2023, 23:59 EST (applications reviewed on a rolling basis)

The role

SecureBio is a pioneering biosecurity nonprofit dedicated to protecting society from catastrophic biological risks. We collaborate with leading experts across academia, industry, and government to develop novel technologies and forward-thinking policy proposals to delay, detect, and defend against the most dangerous biological agents, both natural and engineered. Our key initiatives include the Nucleic Acid Observatory project for early warning of catastrophic biothreats and the SecureDNA initiative to build automated, secure, and comprehensive DNA synthesis screening software. We seek an experienced and committed Program Lead to spearhead our third focus area: harnessing the power of far-UVC germicidal irradiation for widespread indoor pathogen suppression.

Since our inception, SecureBio has worked to advance far-UVC technology by tackling critical bottlenecks to its development and adoption. We have convened a panel of two dozen world-leading experts to develop and publish a coordinated research agenda to address key gaps in our understanding of far-UVC safety, as well as developing detailed proposals for large-scale efficacy trials. To fully realize the potential of our far-UVC program, however, it needs a dedicated, full-time leader, with the strategic vision and focus needed to maximize the impact on catastrophic biological risks.

As Far-UVC Program Lead at SecureBio, you would work with SecureBio leadership and our far-UVC team to develop a strategic plan for our future impact in this vital domain. You would build out and manage a dedicated team to execute on this strategy, spearheading targeted fundraising efforts, engaging in public advocacy, and overseeing day-to-day management of our far-UVC programs as needed. An exceptional candidate in this role will rise to become a recognized leader and advocate in the field, successfully propelling the development and adoption of far-UVC technology in the US and beyond.


  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for SecureBio’s engagement in the far-UVC space;
  • Lead, manage and mentor SecureBio’s far-UVC team to execute on this strategy;
  • Identify and fill outstanding personnel needs to achieve SecureBio’s far-UVC objectives;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key experts, stakeholders, and other actors in the far-UVC field, as needed for SecureBio’s strategic objectives;
  • Collaborate with SecureBio leadership to raise dedicated funding for the far-UVC program, including personally representing the organization in fundraising discussions and meetings;
  • Identify and engage in targeted advocacy to experts, regulators, and the public via appropriate media – including written pieces, public speaking, and others – as needed to best advance SecureBio’s goals for far-UVC technology;
  • Interface closely with SecureBio leadership and other program leads to effectively integrate far-UVC with the organization’s broader strategic direction.

Competencies and qualifications


  • At least three years of experience in managing complex programs, with a demonstrated track record of leading diverse teams to deliver results;

  • Highly strategically minded: capable of thinking analytically and creatively to devise effective plans in pursuit of high-level goals;

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and high risk tolerance: comfortable leading new initiatives which will succeed or fail on the strength of your decisions;

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills;

  • Demonstrated success in building and maintaining partnerships with diverse organizations, such as academic institutions, industry partners, government agencies, and NGOs;

  • Fast and motivated learner, comfortable with diving into new areas, skilling up quickly, and asking for help when needed;

  • Familiar with and excited about the project of reducing catastrophic risks from biology;


  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant technical field, such as Biology, Physics, Engineering, or Public Health (higher degrees are further preferred);
  • Prior experience in the biosecurity, public health, or biotechnology sectors, with a focus on technology development or implementation;
  • Strong understanding of far-UVC and related technologies, and relevant policy and regulatory considerations;
  • Demonstrated track record with some of the following:

    • Successfully and efficiently hiring for diverse roles, both operational and technical;
    • Successful fundraising from a variety of public and/or private sources;
    • Public advocacy & communications to influence a variety of audiences;
    • Conducting or overseeing scientific research, particularly in areas related to far-UVC technology and/or clinical trials;
    • Navigating complex regulatory environments, particularly with a view to achieving meaningful policy change.
  • Experience running large teams or organizations;

Salary and benefits

This is a full-time, in-person role, reporting directly to SecureBio leadership, and is based in our office space in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Your starting salary range is $120,000 to $160,000 per annum, depending on prior experience. There may be flexibility in salary for exceptional candidates with significant relevant experience.

Our employee benefits reflect our belief in investing to build the strongest possible team, in which everyone receives the trust and support they need to excel. Our benefits package includes:

  • Comprehensive healthcare

    Comprehensive healthcare coverage, including health, dental & vision insurance, as well as a yearly mental health allowance for every employee.

  • Flexible work schedule

    Flexible work hours; unlimited paid time off (PTO) for all employees; and minimum 12 weeks fully-paid parental leave.

  • World-class office

    An exceptional working environment in our Kendall Square office, including high-quality ergonomic office equipment, snacks, and daily catered lunches.

  • Development opportunities

    Generous professional development opportunities, including fully-paid conference sponsorships and a yearly development allowance for every employee.

  • 401(k)

    Employer 401(k) match up to 4% of total salary.

  • Relocation & commuter support

    Free parking & commuter benefits, plus a generous relocation allowance for employees who move to the Boston area

About SecureBio

In joining SecureBio, you’ll be joining a motivated, mission-driven, and international team of professionals dedicated to protecting the world from biological threats. Through in-house research & development, as well as collaborations with experts in academia, industry & government, we are working to build the tools, technologies, and institutions the world needs to be secure against future biotechnology,

Major longstanding projects by the SecureBio team include the Nucleic Acid Observatory project for reliable pandemic detection, and the SecureDNA initiative for fast, secure, and sensitive screening of DNA synthesis, both developed in partnership with MIT’s Sculpting Evolution group. More recently, we have expanded our activities to a broader array of biodefense interventions, including far-UVC for passive pathogen suppression, as well as an increasingly active policy agenda.