Physical Defenses

Why Physical Defenses?

Physical defenses provide an immediate means of reducing transmission, even in the absence of specific medical treatments such as vaccines. This is particularly important when dealing with novel pathogens, as the development and distribution of effective medical interventions can take significant time. By providing physical defenses to healthcare workers, first responders, and other key personnel, we can ensure the continuity of vital functions and prevent the collapse of healthcare systems as vaccines are in development.

Far-UVC: A Promising Technology for Suppressing Pathogen Transmission

Far-UVC, defined as low-wavelength electromagnetic radiation in the 200-230nm range, has emerged as a promising technology for reducing pathogen transmission in indoor environments. Wall- and ceiling-mounted far-UVC emitters can rapidly inactivate bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, without posing significant health risks to human occupants or requiring distribution to all individuals. SecureBio has been at the forefront of efforts to further develop this technology, leading the development of a coordinated safety review and research plan in 2022.

Pandemic-Proof PPE: Safeguarding Essential Workers and Critical Infrastructure

Pandemic-proof personal protective equipment (pandemic-proof PPE) reliably shields users against highly infectious agents without requiring fit-testing, protecting essential workers who must maintain critical infrastructure during pandemics. SecureBio has worked to identify key steps in ensuring the availability and accessibility of pandemic-proof PPE, including mapping critical infrastructure and essential workers, identifying cost-reduction strategies, advocating for public funds to build and maintain stockpiles, and exploring market mechanisms to support government efforts in stockpiling pandemic-proof PPE.

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