Marketing & Relationship Manager, SecureDNA

We offer a referral bonus of up to $2,000 for this position; see here for more details.

  • Project/division: SecureDNA
  • Start date: As soon as possible
  • Status: Full-time employee or contractor, subject to candidate preference and location
  • Starting compensation: Approximately $125,000/year (salary) or $80/hour (contract rate)
  • Visa sponsorship available: Considered for exceptional candidates
  • Work location: Remote or in-person in Cambridge, MA
  • Reports to: Prof. Kevin Esvelt and Jens Berlips
  • Application deadline: August 4th, 2023, 23:59 EST (applications reviewed on a rolling basis)


SecureBio is a fast-growing research nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding society from catastrophic biological risks. We collaborate with leading experts across academia, industry, and government to develop novel technologies and forward-thinking policy proposals to delay, detect, and defend against the most dangerous biological agents, both natural and engineered.

This role’s key focus is on SecureDNA, an initiative developed to safeguard DNA synthesis worldwide and prevent individuals from synthesizing pandemic-causing pathogens. DNA synthesis is essential to biotechnology and promises a healthier, more sustainable future. But in the wrong hands, biotechnology could lead to pandemics with the potential to cause huge disruption and suffering. SecureDNA developed a universal, comprehensive, and trustworthy screening platform, which DNA synthesis providers can automatically use to screen incoming orders. To our knowledge, SecureDNA’s platform outperforms all available alternatives. 

The SecureDNA team is composed of academic life scientists, cryptographers, policy analysts, information security specialists, and software engineers from many nations and institutions, including MIT and Tsinghua University.  To succeed in our mission, we need the SecureDNA screening platform to be widely adopted by DNA synthesis providers, a set of ~130 companies worldwide that create genetic material for labs.

The role

We are seeking an experienced candidate to lead our marketing efforts and build relationships with DNA synthesis providers worldwide. You would be responsible for:

  1. Developing SecureDNA’s marketing strategy,

  2. Creating compelling and informative marketing content,

  3. Driving sales outreach to synthesis providers, and

  4. Managing relationships to on-board providers and support them in using our platform.

Core responsibilities

  • Develop & implement effective sales, marketing, and relationship-building strategies

  • Drive outbound outreach initiatives to DNA synthesis providers through email, phone calls, meetings, conferences, etc.

  • Provide crucial support to clients, which includes explaining our service offerings, coordinating the relevant people to assist in screening integration, and acting as a bridge between the development department and clients

  • Optimize and maintain marketing and sales content (e.g. on website) 

  • Drive collaboration efforts and discussions with different partners and stakeholders, such as other DNA screening companies and NGOs

  • Take on a diverse array of responsibilities, as necessary to accelerate progress on SecureDNA core objectives (e.g. guiding leadership on key strategic decisions).


Strong candidates for this position will have:

  • At least 2 years of experience in client-facing roles, which includes – but is not limited to –  technical sales or marketing, consulting, coaching, public relations, etc.
  • Strong written and oral communication abilities
  • Enthusiasm about or experience in biosecurity, with the desire to learn fast and orient themselves quickly in a new context
  • Proactive problem solving skills, including noticing & addressing areas for improvement
  • Comfort with giving and receiving frank and honest feedback, including asking for help when needed and quickly raising and resolving interpersonal issues

If you are unsure whether you are a good fit, we strongly recommend that you apply anyway and leave it to us to decide.

What we offer

  • Starting compensation of approximately $125,000/year (salary) or $80/hour (contract rate)

  • Mission-driven and well-resourced organization, where your thinking and execution can have a concrete impact on averting catastrophic pandemics

  • Exposure to the exciting field of biosecurity, interacting with Prof. Kevin Esvelt of MIT and senior decision-makers in DNA synthesis companies and related organizations

  • Flexible working location: fully remote, or option to work in-person in Cambridge, MA

  • Potential to extend role into other parts of SecureBio, subject to your interest and availability and SecureBio’s needs

  • Candidates joining as an employee will have access to our full suite of employee benefits.

Application process

We will review applications as we receive them, and are looking for someone to start as soon as possible. Applications close at 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time on August 4th 2023.

After considering your written application, we may invite you to a short screening interview. High-performing candidates may be invited to further interviews and/or paid trial tasks.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, and we encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from women, gender minorities, and people of color who are excited about contributing to our mission, and are happy to consider applicants from overseas. We’re an equal opportunity employer.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other questions about applying, please contact [email protected].

Referral bonus

We offer a referral bonus of up to $2000 to individuals who refer successful candidates for this position:

  • If you refer a candidate that we invite to a full structured interview or work trial, you will receive $200;

  • If the candidate receives a job offer from us, you will receive a further $300, for a total of $500;

  • If the candidate is still working with us after three months, you will receive a further $1500, for a total of $2000.

To receive these bonuses, we must reasonably believe that you were responsible for referring the candidate to us (e.g. due to you introducing them to us when we didn’t previously know them, or them mentioning you on their application as the reason they heard about the position.)